Sky Diving gift cards are an unique way to show someone special that you care. Stop with the monotonous gifts and send them skydiving in fresno for any occasion!

Whenever you check in to skydive in fresno, the process starts off with up to 30 minutes of intense training to ascertain you are prepared. Soon after your training, you'll be rigged into a special harness and then be set to board the plane in preparation of your big jump. It only takes a few minutes for the jumping airplane to reach the required 14,000 feet in altitude. As you reach the desired altitude, the door to the plane will open up and your heart will race as you look out over fresno, California in the distance.

With that first step and dive out of the aircraft with a skydiving trainer on your side, you'll get to rates of 120 miles an hour as you drop. Throughout your tandem skydive in fresno, the freefall you'll go through can last approximately one minute and then you'll have a four to seven minute canopy ride as you make your way toward the dropzone. You'll land as perfectly as possible and then, you'll have the ability to share you skydived! Book your skydiving trip or give someone you love a gift certificate for skydiving within fresno.

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